10 Easy Gardening Tips for The Lazy You

You may think that title is misleading, but the truth is, most gardeners are not lazy. They love what they’re doing. They love being outdoors while talking care of their plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. But gardening is not a full-time job. We people also has a lot of other things to do than taking care or maintaining your plants outside. It’s not about being lazy, but being able to balance gardening with life’s everyday chores. Below, we’re going to provide you 10 gardening tips to fit gardening into your busy and hectic lifestyle.

Speed up gardening by using bulb planting

Instead of using a bulb to plant, try using a drill with a spade bit that’s about half an inch wider than bulbs. Using this, you’ll be able to plant faster than the usual bulb planting.

Perennial plants are the best way to go

Perennials are the type of plant that comes back year after year. Thus, saving time and cash for gardeners. A perfect example of a perennial plant is the Heuchera, which also comes in different varieties to choose from.

Till no more

Soil tilling is time consuming and takes up a lot of hard work. Although it’s good for the soil to create a surge of oxygen for your garden, doing it every year may kill those good fungal networks and beneficial life forms that’s good for your plants.

Save time by creating a tool holder

Instead of cleaning tools on your own, you can create a self-cleaning and self-sharpening garden tool holder instead. What you need is a pot that can hold all your tools, sand, and mineral oil. The sand keeps the tool sharp while the oil keeps them lubricated to prevent dust and corrosion buildup.

Put watering in autopilot mode

Having a drip irrigation system is ideal to save time on watering the plants. The system delivers water directly to the plant while it slowly seeps into the soil slowly one drop at a time.

Mulch the weeds away

Instead of weeding on your own, you can create a mulch from compost, straw, wood, chips, and leaves. Having a mulch can save you time and money and prevents weed from appearing without the extra work.

Plant easy-to-maintain vegetables

Plant easy to grow veggies such as cherry tomatoes, asparagus, onions, beans, and pepper. These healthy and delicious vegetables saves you time without doing any hard work.

Invest in a flagstone walkway

Keep the weeds away by installing a flagstone walkway. Creating one is simple and wallet-friendly. Use soil between the stones, pour vinegar into the soil and say goodbye to never ending weeds.

Ground cover is your best friend

You have one of those areas that you hate to weed? Plant ground cover instead and weed no more. You’ll have to do some watering though, but it’s not necessary to hoe these areas ever again. Do some online research to know which plants grow best in these areas.

Cover plants with black plastic

Still lazy to do some plant weeding? Covering your plants with black plastic can stop weeds from growing. Weeds feed on sunlight, and by covering them with black plastic, they’ll slowly turn yellow and die without all the extra effort.

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