10 Homesteading Tips to Make Use of Your Small Space at Home

Just because you don’t have acres of land doesn’t mean you can’t be a homesteader anymore. With just a little bit of land or even a small yard outside, you can fulfill your dream to be a homesteader. Here are 10 tips for small space homesteading for you to follow.

  1. Provide Food on Your Own

  • You can grow your own foods without having a huge land outside. You can grow herbs on your window seal, or even tomatoes in your tiny patio. You can also use a flower bed to grow basil, Echinacea, and cucumbers. By growing your own food, say goodbye to a trip to the grocery store and say hello to simple living.
  1. Create a Compost Bin

  • You can use your backyard to create your own compost bin. If you don’t have one, you can keep it on your patio or garage instead. You can also check online to buy an affordable compost bin kit.
  1. Line Dry Your Clothes

  • Instead of hanging your clothes at the shower, you can line dry them outside and let the air do its part. You can also buy a wooden rack instead if line drying is not your thing.
  1. Raise Chickens

  • Having chickens in your backyard can give you eggs to eat, saving you time and money from buying them on the grocery store.
  1. Recycle Reusable Items

  • Instead of throwing away items you never use, you can recycle them instead. If recycling is not your thing, you can try repurposing. Add shredded paper, cardboard, and newspaper to your compost bin. You can also use glass jars for storage.
  1. Keep Track of Records

  • You can manage your budget well if you keep track of records such as expenses of the food your animals eat. Keeping track of your harvest’s growth is also advisable too to see what worked and what didn’t.
  1. Learn to Preserve Food

  • Preserving your own food can give you satisfaction than buying preserved-ready foods from the grocery store. Not only it saves you time, but can also save you money.
  1. Borrow Someone’s Land

  • If you have a friend or family that has a huge land, you can borrow or lease land from them to grow a few raised beds.


  1. Cook Meals On Your Own

  • Cooking healthy and delicious meals can be time consuming, but ensures you have a healthy meal than buying foods from outside.
  1. Be Creative with Cooking

  • Instead of using the usual ingredients when cooking, try getting creative instead by using bones, vegetables trimmings like radish tops and cilantro stems as part of your ingredients. These things should be thrown into the garbage or compost but mixing them to your own recipe can add flavor and nutrients to your dishes.


Small space homesteading can be a life long journey. Of course it’s not an instant task that you can do right away. It takes baby steps and little by little you’ll find yourself being able to do more tasks as you go on. Life in a small homestead is different to homesteaders with multiple acres and such. And if you want to upgrade into a more spacious homestead on your own, don’t stop dreaming and keep pushing forward until you reach your goal.

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