5 Must Have Products for the Homestead Baby

Homesteading mamas know that there are some items you simply cannot go without when living a farm or ranch.

While most mamas are dropping kids off at daycare or running to Target for morning errands, us homesteading mamas might be waking up to a list of farm chores and an afternoon spent riding horses or playing in the country side.

Life is a little different as a homesteader and these are five items I couldn’t imagine living without when baby arrived.

Here are 5 Must Have Products for the Homestead Baby:

Ergo Baby Carrier

When out feeding the chickens or doing other things in the garden or ranch, having a convenient way to bring baby while keeping your hands free is helpful.

The Ergo Baby Carrier is a huge life saver! My little one spent hours a day close to me while I did lots of chores and daily things.

I was also able to cook dinner, fold laundry, and just do things that wouldn’t be possible if I had to hold her in my arms all day. has a huge selection of colors and style!

Walking Stroller

Getting out for daily walks keeps me sane so I knew I wanted a walking stroller that would last.

Every day, rain or shine, we load up the stroller with snacks and water and go on a nice long walk.

The Mockingbird Stroller is my favorite because it has a huge storage basket for everything we need including extra jackets or items that I need to bring around with me.

I also love the big canopy for rainy or colder days.

You can learn more about this stroller on Momming’s blog post here.

Snow Suit

It gets really cold in the winter time so I ordered this awesome snow suit by Columbia Sportswear for little Luna.

Whether she’s in her Ergo Baby Carrier or in the stroller, this has been a life saver when needing to go outdoors.

It keeps her so warm and all bundled up and cozy.


The nearest hospital is miles away from where we live and so having a thermometer has been what drives my decision to load up and make the drive to the doctors office or not.

I actually have two extras as backup in case I can’t find one.

You just never know when your little one might run a fever and it’s just smart to know what their temperature is and be able to decide when it’s time to make the drive in. has some really affordable baby thermometer options.

Cloth Diapers

Until your little one is potty trained, you will be going through diapers like no other.

Living on a ranch or farm means you may not have a convenient store that stocks diapers nearby.

I quickly learned to love cloth diapers!

If you don’t mind washing them, they save you so much money and you never run out!

My favorite ones are the Bestobaby Cloth Pocket Diapers!


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