5 Outdoor Tips For Cold Winter Homesteading

It’s not uncommon to experience harsh weather conditions on certain days. For the half of homesteaders, they experience storms with such strong winds, snow, rain, and ice pellets all at once. When you get out of home to find 3-5ft of snow has already covered most of the city’s area, you’d know it’s going to be a busy day. As a homesteader, it is good to be prepared for this kind of weather so you can quickly get back to your feet after you’ve experienced Mother Nature’s wrath.

To make your homesteading lifestyle a lot easier during times like this, here are a few tips on how to prepare for winter.

Elevated Outbuildings

Although this may seem odd to a lot of people, you should elevate your sheds and outbuildings off the ground by a foot or two. This will help in minimizing the damage the harsh weather is causing. For livestock, the pig shelter or chicken coop never get snowed in, and during heavy rain, you won’t have to worry about your animals sitting in water.

Inward Opening Doors

It is important to have the doors open inward especially when the buildings are not elevated. Having doors that open outward will be too difficult when a mound of ice and snow settle in front of it. Therefore, inward opening doors are the way to go to prevent blockage.

Good Door Closures

Some people are into having those good old-fashioned doors with basic bolts for closure. However, when you know that your area experiences terrible winters, that old-fashioned bolt is definitely not the answer. These bolts tend to freeze up, and it will take a lot of time for you to get them adjusted so they can go back to opening or closing.

The closures that work best are heavy duty T-handle powder coated lock for sheds, out buildings and chicken coops. Although it may seem like such a small detail, these bolts will save you time and energy.

Penetrating Oil

As a homesteader, penetrating oil is a must-have. Every once in a while, it is good to spray locks and bolts to avoid rusting and seizing up. In the event, of course, that the bolts do seize up, penetrating oil will fix the problem easily and quickly.


Do not waste your time and energy clearing off paths filled with pounds of snow. This makes an impossible battle that you can’t just fight especially because the wind will just cover over the paths a day later. Your secret weapon should be snowshoes. With these, you can smoothly do your chores as it allows you to move fast and safely. You will never have to use shovel paths anymore because with snowshoes, you can just walk on top of the snow!

With these very useful tips, you will see that your homesteading life is made much easier especially during the cold season! In cases like this, it is often the small things that cause the most hassle so take note of all these, and you will be just fine. When winter finally arrives, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you really took time to prepare!

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