6 Space Saving Gardening Tips  

To have a huge backyard or gardening space might come unnecessarily since there are options and methods nowadays that can let you enjoy and have a garden at your homes like container gardening – the methods of growing plants in containers.

Here are six gardening tips that can help you have the comforts of growing some plants in your living space without needing to have a garden that takes up so much space.


Small Containers

It’s essential to have containers for you to be able to maximize the little available space that you have. It’s not necessary to purchase expensive containers as pots, looking for containers that are fairly wide and shallow would do the trick. Choose thick-walled polyethylene containers since this kind of plastic is safe for the plants since chemicals can’t leach into the soil.


Good-quality Soil

Having or using good-quality potting soil for your plants is an important thing. Instead of just using soil that’s dug up straight from the ground, make sure that you use potting soil. Potting soil is specifically made for container gardening since it’s free from pathogens and diseases, and they are also necessary for the contained plant to not be stunted.


Grow High-Yield Plants

It might be a cost-efficient idea if you grow plants that yield as much despite the small growing space that you provide for it. Plants such as lettuces, radishes, and bush beans are among the list of plants that you can grow. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of the small planting that you have by choosing to plant herbs. Given the characteristic of herbs, you can surely have a harvestable plant.


Use the Vertical Space

It’s important that you maximize the available space that you have, and one way to do this is to plant your plants vertically.  You can do this by building vertical containers or units, and shelve it vertically.



Whenever you’re gardening on a balcony or a patio, you will most likely plant a limited range of plants, and with this, pollinators might not be around as much as you like them. For you to make sure that your plants are well-pollinated, it’s crucial that you invite pollinators for them. To do that, incorporate some flowers to your plants to invite some bees and butterflies.



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