Live a Homestead Life While Renting with These 15 Homesteading Tips

When we talk about homesteading, we think about people living with lands on their own filled with farms full of animals or lush gardens filled with fruits and veggies to sustain themselves. But living the homestead life is not just limited for people with lots of money. In fact, you can live this kind of life without having a farm or huge gardens on your own. In reality, even when you’re renting, you can do homesteading with just a limited amount of budget.

So how can we live that homestead life while renting? Here are 15 self-sufficient tips for you to follow:

  1. Teach Yourself How to Quilt
  • Quilts can protect you from the cold winter night. Making quilts by hand are easy to learn without even using a sewing machine.
  1. Learn How to Mill Grains
  • Flour has a short lifespan which can turn rancid sooner or later. But if you learn how to mill your own grains to make flour, you don’t have to worry about it being stale in the long run.
  1. Make Bread by Baking On Your Own
  • Baking your own bread is easy as long as you follow a good recipe to begin with. If you like eating bread a lot, then you can bake them in batches and freeze the other ones for later.
  1. Learn How to Make Cheeses
  • Cheeses such as ricotta, mozzarella, and quark can be easily made on your own as long as you have the right ingredients.
  1. Preserve Your Own Foods
  • Dehydrating, canning, and freezing your foods on your own can save you time and money from buying preserved foods from the grocery store.
  1. Use Containers to Grow Your Veggies
  • You don’t have a land or a space to garden outside? Worry no more and say hello to container gardening. Don’t dispose your empty containers, use them to plant vegetables and watch your harvest grow.
  1. Create a Mini Herb Garden
  • Just like planting veggies on a container, you can also plant herbs into a container and place them in the window seal in your kitchen.
  1. Create Your Own Candles
  • Learn to make your own candles to light your house up especially if there are unexpected blackouts.
  1. Make Your Own Soap
  • Learn how to make your own soap so that you have something to use during bath or laundry times. You can also make batches of them for you to sell and gain some extra cash.
  1. Learn to Make Your Own Herbal Meds
  • It’s important to create your own herbal meds for you to use in times of need.
  1. Knit and Crochet
  • Master the art of knitting and crocheting and you’ll soon find yourself making your own scarves, gloves, blankets, beanie hats and more. You can also use this skill as a way of living and sell your hand made knits.
  1. Be Debt-Free
  • Live a stress-free life by paying your debts one paycheck at a time. You don’t have to pay them all at once, at least leave some for yourself too. After paying your debts, it’s time to save money to turn your rented home into a permanent homestead.
  1. Get Rid of Clutter
  • Keep your home organized by throwing away stuff you no longer use.
  1. Learn The Importance of Barter
  • Bartering with other homesteaders is a great way to own things you couldn’t grow by yourself.
  1. Learn How to Sew
  • Sewing can save you cash from buying another set of clothes once they were torn. When you learn how to sew, you can sew any piece of clothing you want, even curtains and anything that’s made from fabric.

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