Waste No More by Using These 6 Homesteading Tips

You’re now living the dream of having a homestead life. Having a garden and a farm filled with hens, birds, cows, pigs is a wonderful sight to see. These things probably starts producing products, and especially waste. So how can we use everything on your homestead so none of it goes to waste?

Some of you are probably thinking that it’s better to throw away these waste rather than recycling it. But did you know that they can come in useful and actually integrates well with other homesteading activities? Below, we provided 6 effective homesteading tips to make use of all the waste you have.

Feed Broken Eggs

  • Not all of the eggs your chicken has produced are fresh. In fact, maybe some of them are broken. Instead of throwing them away, you can scramble these broken eggs and feed it again to your chickens. You can also mix it with crumbled egg shells for extra calcium.

Make Use of the Extra Milk

  • Your farm may be filled with goats, and you probably have gathered so much milk by now. Freeze the extra milk and use them for later especially for making soap, cheese, and for cooking. You can also use it to feed your other animals such as chickens and pigs.

Use Garden Scraps as Feeds

  • If you’re garden has produced so much that you don’t know what to do with the extra crops on hand, use them as feeds for your chickens, goats, and pigs.

Garden Cleaning

  • Now that your plants are done producing, you can use them as animal feed or toss them into the compost bin to use for later. Also, make sure that you don’t feed your animals with something poisonous as some of these plants may harm them.

Use Extra Food from Your Kitchen

  • Instead of throwing leftovers away, use them to feed your animals. For example, once you finished eating an apple, you can give the apple core to your chickens for them to eat.

Use Chicken Coop and Goat Stall for Your Garden

  • After cleaning all the straw and poop from your chicken coops and goat stalls, pile them up together to use as a fertilizer for your garden.

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